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Suitable for the formulation of water-based contact "cements" for use in the footwear, construction and furniture industries.

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Dispercoll® C Polychloroprene Latices for Adhesive Applications: Properties and Compounding Guide

Bayer has long history with polychloroprene rubber for adhesive applications. Polychloroprene latices have been sold under the Dispercoll® C trade name for adhesive applications for over 25 years. Dispercoll C latices provide a safe and environmental friendly alternative to solvent based adhesives. Dispercoll C latices have been found to be an excellent alternative to solvent based adhesives that used non-flammable solvents. Dispercoll C latices can be used to formulate adhesives which meet many of the VOC regulations and also greatly reduce fire hazards that have been associated with flammable solvents. The advantages of using water borne systems have pushed their growth rate above solvent based polychloroprene adhesives.

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Dispercoll® C - latex de policloropreno para aplicaciones adhesivos: Guia de propiedades y compuestos

Los policloroprenos se han utilizado desde la década del 50 como polímero base para cementos de contacto base de solvente. Su fácil uso y buen rendimiento en gran cantidad de sustancias les ha generado un amplio mercado. Bayer suministra policloropreno para aplicaciones adhesivas resistentes al solvente bajo el nombre comercial de Baypren® y Dispercoll® C para los sistemas a base de agua. Los látex Dispercoll C proporcionan una alternativa segura y no perjudicial para el medio ambiente para los adhesivos a base de solventes. El uso de los látex Dispercoll C ayuda a eliminar la emisión de solventes orgánicos a la atmósfera y reduce ampliamente los peligros de incendio relacionados con los solventes.

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Dispercoll® S Dispersions product brochure

With the new Dispercoll® S dispersions containing nanoparticle additives, Bayer MaterialScience customers have many new possibilities in the formulation of aqueous adhesive dispersions. Dispercoll® S dispersions are particularly well suited as an additive for the production of polychloroprene adhesives based on Dispercoll® C dispersions to formulate adhesives with an outstanding set of properties that will have value in furniture, automotive, construction and footwear applications.

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